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Toms Trip

Posted by on 11 april, 2012

From my daughter Roz (Lindy)
As some of you know we were amazingly offered a free flight to find Tommy 66 miles out at sea.
Barry Dueck flew us in his Piper Mirage Malibu using his Garmin to navigate to Toms latest coordinates. We flew 150 feet above him once we had found him aided by a flair Tom set off to help us. From what we saw Tom looked v relaxed standing on his boat and waving!
As  you may know I am not one for little planes but if it has leather seats, aircon and BOSE headphones it definately helps!  The pilot also mentioned he had flown aerial acrobatics so he sounded pretty good. Unfortunately the sat phone would not connect to the boat so we could not talk and we have only one grainy picture as proof. A huge gesture by our new best friend Barry anyhow even though he threw in a few comments as we left like ‘I think we should have enough fuel’ and ‘this plane doesn’t like flying low’ and when we did a warning voice came over the mike!  So he dipped the wings 2/3 times to say farewell to Tom and we returned to the safety of the airport where he immediately filled up with fuel.  Barry can fly his plane at 25,000 feet as it is pressurised and travels around the islands in it as a hobby.
So now we have instructed the local press who want to cover the story and race up and down to the Sugar Cane Club to get reception on the computer. We can pick up everything on our phones but that is obviously creating a charge.
As with this email it would be great if you could pass everything on or even put it on Facebook please as we get a lot of requests for info.  We will attempt to contact as many as possible when we know the exact time of Port entry on Thursday so you can log in to the webcam.  You can google Port St Charles and the camers updates every few seconds.
Hope everyone is well.  Lots of love from us all

Chris Roz Lizzie Tom